Wilhelm Bach
Wilhelm Bach
Major Wilhelm Bach '42


?(Presumably 50)

Date of Birth:

?(According to the original Major Bach, November 5, 1892)


Karlsland Afrika Korps






In charge of defense of Halfaya Pass

Major Wilhelm Bach is based off of an actual Wehrmacht officer of the same name who led the defense of the Halfaya Pass.

He is the commander of Karlsland-Britannia combined units defending the Halfaya Pass in Africa. Although he is at the frontline, Major Bach is actually an reserve officer and a teacher (where as actual Oberstleutnant Bach was a Christian priest, it has been changed due to the fact that the Strike Witches universe is an alternate history and some facts had to be changed to fit the new course.) Just like historical counterpart, he utilizes combination of minefields and long range 8.8cm Flak36 to create a defensive line. However, Major Bach saved Major Miles' life with said gun where in reality Miles was killed by it.

050 for sw wiki

Bach returns! (After receiving the Knight's Cross from Rommel in Witches of the Sphinx 3.)



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