Wendelin Schröer



Date of Birth:

February 12


Karlsland Air Force 8./JG27


Flight Lieutenant



Striker Unit model:

Messerscharf Bf 109G-2/trop (Red #1)





Wendelin Schröer (ヴェンデリーン・シュレーア?) is a Witch attached with the Karlsland Air Force. She is a member of the Jagdgeschwader 27 (JG27) 8th Staffel.

Wendelin is indifferent about food, thinking that anything is fine so long it is eatable.

She is based on Werner Schröer.


An ace with the highest shot-down records in the North African front after Marseille. Despite her fewer number of sorties, Wendelin accomplished countless shot-downs that include even a Super Large-type Neuroi. This made her known as a "Big-shot Eater" (大物食い, oomonokui).

Also around that time, her partnership with Flying Officer Salas played a great role in the crushing of Large-type Neuroi after the Operation Sphinx. Despite being a Hispanian - who are known for their merriness - the strict and overly-serious Flying Officer Salas was a partner that Wendelin had a good compatibility with. Both being "(wo)men of few words", their conversations were extremely uninteresting, kept to only a minimum necessary number of words. Only at one instance, they had an endless, heated debate about eating habits.

In April 1943, she became a Flight Lieutenant and was transferred to the Sicilian district.

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