Vasilissa M. Vassiliades
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Date of Birth:



Greece Air Force
505th Joint Fighter Wing


Pilot Officer



Striker Unit model:

Hawker Hurricane





Vasilissa M. Vassiliades (ヴァシリーサ・M・ヴァシリアデス?) is a Witch of the 505th Joint Fighter Wing, originating from Greece.

Her full name is supposedly Vasilissa Michaela Vassiliades (ヴァシリーサ・ミカエラ・ヴァシリアデス)

She is based on Vassilios Michael Vassiliades.


Vasilissa was born to an influential shipowner in the island of Chios. To continue the family tradition of going to navy, she was supposed to become a student of oceanography school, but when she saw the Striker Units of the nearby Britannian Air Force, she started to long for the sky. She tried to get in the flight academy, but was not accepted due to her weak magic power.

When she worked as a teacher in the oceanography school she got to know retired witches of the former Greece Navy Flying Corps, and secretly received some training with old Striker model. When she heard of the Neuroi attacking she enthusiastically went to the Air Force carrying a recommendation by one of the retired witches. Since the retired witch was very well-known, she was accepted. She was sent with a student status with the Ostmark defense Expeditionary Force.

Because there were no excess Striker units in the Greece Air Force, when they got into Ostmark she did combat practice with old Hurricane Strikers she got from the Britannian Air Force that was stationed there, after which she was promoted to Pilot Officer and sent to Greece Air Force Squadron stationed in Moesia.

After Dacia fell, the squadron Vasilissa was in started withdrawing to southern Greece, and she was left to Altland for contact purposes. There she got under Squadron Leader Gollob's command. She is still a novice as a witch.

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