Fumikane's tweets courtesy of some random tripfag and anon.:

so, has anyone get a proper translation of that "captain Rebellion meddlesome wife"-text?
して世話焼き女房。 二人組での「ワンツーパンチ」戦術で多くのネウロイ


>Liberion Army Flt. Lt. Jane Godfree is Flt. Lt. Dominica's meddlesome partner. The two together, using "one-two punch" tactics, have taken care of many Neuroi. "My boss has done something again!?" It doesn't really mean "romantic partner" by the way. Though of course this is SW after all, and Humikane ships Yoshika and Lynette, so, yeah.

I'll try it

Jane Godfree, Liberion Army Captain is Captain Dominca's partner as well as her Meddlesome wife. They've slain number of Neurois with their two-pair "one-two-punch" tactics.
"What did our General dothis time?"

Aslo: Humikane used the term "Consort" instead of wingman to describe Raisa, so that's probably whats going on here. its just a term for wingman.

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