504th info

Anonymous 07/19/10(Mon)14:23 No.38061526


Here's the whole paragraph about Dorrio and Takei. Someone with a better grip of Japanese can probably translate it better.
本来、隊長にはロマーニャのフェデリカ・ N・ドッリオ少佐が就任していた
いる。竹井大尉は、この部隊に配属 される前に、第501統合戦闘航空団にて
扶桑からは、陸軍の中 島、諏訪両少尉が配属された。
It seems like Dorrio was the leader of the 504th, but since she got injured, Takei took over.

Anonymous 07/19/10(Mon)14:59 No.38062984


The unit commander from the beginning was Major Federika N Dorio. Because of injury in battle, Fuso Captain Takei Junko assumed command. Before being assigned to this the unit, Captain Takei was training in the 501st Joint Fighter Wing, including getting lectures on command. Also assigned from Fuso are Army 2nd Lieutenants Nakajima and Suwa.

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