>Fumikane's tweet about the unnamed witch in episode 1: >1話で赤ズボン隊と一緒に飛んでたの誰なのか。  制 服にてるけど他国 の >504ウィッチか、本国から派遣された別の赤ズ ボン隊かもしれない。ボー イズ >もってるのでスナイパータイプか 場 所柄案外ヒスパニアあたりの人か も >about 2 hours ago via web

>Who was that girl flying with the Red Pants in episode 1? She has a similar uniform, but she is a 504th witch from another country? Perhaps she was dispatched as part of her own country's Red Pants squad. She carries a Boys, so she is a sniper type? Maybe she's from somewhere like Hispania.

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