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    I barely even remember how to operate this thing and everything has changed in the six years since I was last active. What am I even doing?

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    もの、のはず 明確に書いてないのでサーニャの拳骨でもそれはそれで面
    Eila probably got her bump on the head when she leaped up in surprise and hit her head on the top bunk of the bed. It's not really shown, so it could be the result of Sanya's fist too. That's also a fun way to interpret it.

    Seeing Eila faint in agony should have calmed Sanya down, yet in the following scene, she still seemed a little annoyed. Thinking about why that is could also be fun.

    You should always try to interpret thing in ways that are fun, or cute. My way of taking things is just my way of taking things.

    Having said that, there are some peopl…

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    info possibly related to the new, as yet unnamed brittanian witch. seems like nough for an ewacs profile.


    砂漠のスピットの青い腹が好き。 そんな色合いで。


    で後送され休養中 。

    ップ家のウィッチに負けるんじゃないぞ」と言われている 本人はどーで

    先に設定だけ書いとくぞ パトリシア「パティ」・シェイドはブリタニア空

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    shits 'n tweets

    July 26, 2010 by Snugglemuffins
    Anonymous 07/26/10(Mon)19:21 No.38439570

    > 絵だけ 調べごとが済まない about 5 hours ago via Twitpic Picture only. I haven't finished research. > まだオラーシャが薄いか about 4 hours ago via web Not many Orussians, are there... > 海軍の詰め襟で紺はいよいよ学生服みたいだな about 4 hours ago via web The navy-blue upright collar used by the Navy has started to look like a school uniform. > オラーシャウィッチなら503・507に層が厚いか about 4 hours ago via web Maybe there's a lot of Orussian witches in the 503 or 507. > ウサギ使い魔のウィッチは、他の動物と比べてお互いこれという理由もなく 仲が良さそうだ about 4 hours ago via web
    For no particular reason, witches with bunny familiars seem to get along well together, compared to other familiar types. > スペックは遠視+夜間視 坂本の元で鍛えられるが、当時は厳しい、怖い人 という印象しかなく、竹井のほうに懐いていた 西沢は新人?食えんのそ

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    tweets 'n shit

    July 25, 2010 by Snugglemuffins

    Fumikane's tweets courtesy of some random tripfag and anon.:

    so, has anyone get a proper translation of that "captain Rebellion meddlesome wife"-text?
    して世話焼き女房。 二人組での「ワンツーパンチ」戦術で多くのネウロイ


    >Liberion Army Flt. Lt. Jane Godfree is Flt. Lt. Dominica's meddlesome partner. The two together, using "one-two punch" tactics, have taken care of many Neuroi. "My boss has done something again!?" It doesn't really mean "romantic partner" by the way. Though of course this is SW after all, and Humikane ships Yoshika and Lynette, so, yeah.

    I'll try it

    Jane Godfree, Liberion Army Captain is Captain Dominca's partner as well as her Meddlesome wife. They've slain number of Neurois with their two-pair "one…

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