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    --What does the future hold for Strike Witches?
    In the animated series, I wanted to follow the story of Miyafuji and Sakamoto. I'm glad we were able to complete that story with the second season. The future is up to the fans, really. If we get messages of encouragement from people saying they want to see more of the witches, we'll consult our schedules and see if we might be able to make that happen. (laugh)

    [white on blue text: 高村和宏セレクション / "Takamura Kazuhiro selection"]

    Translated by >>40697102 and 40697145

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    #8 女医さんは20代後半独身 声優さんへの演技プランとして、監督が台本にメモっていた情報

    "She's in her late 20s and single."
    It's a note the director wrote on the script for directing seiyuu's acting.

    女医さんはおそらく501基地付で、基本ウィッチ専属かな ウィッチに男医はまずかろうし、逆に一般兵相手だと仮病が続出しそう

    She's probably assigned to the 501st's base as a doctor basically exclusive for witches .
    (Because) a male doctor would be inappropriate, and also if she were for standard soldiers, they would be lining up with faked illnesses.

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