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    Witches new and old

    July 24, 2010 by Nagscreen

    So Humikane has been going on a twitter spree recently, posting pictures and bits of info on witches both new and old. Here are the witches that have yet to make their way to the e-wacs page:

    • Nishizawa Yoshiko
    • Suwa Amaki
    • Dominica S. Gentile
    • Jane T. Godfrey

    New on the e-wacs page:

    • Patricia Schade
    • Shimohara Sadako
    • Hanna Wind
    • Adolfine Galland

    If you have anything to add or the ability to translate the Japanese tweets which are on the respective talk pages for some of these witches, please do share.

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  • Nagscreen

    This little scan talks about the first few episodes of the second season. The same information is also somewhere on the Newtype magazine homepage. Here are some of the juicy bits:

    Training episode! As Yoshika, Lynne and Perrine haven't had any combat experience in six months, they are sent to an island where it's back to the basics for them.

    Trude is proud of a "secret weapon incorporating new technology" straight out of Karlsland, but Shirley issues a challenge to her.

    Speculation: It seems likely that said new technology is the Jet Striker.

    ■3話 (7/21)


    半年間、戦いから遠のいていたブランクが響き、芳佳、リーネ、ペリーヌの 3 人は練習でも調子が上がらない。そんな3人のようすを見た坂本は、基礎 訓練のため芳佳たちをある島へ修業に行かせる。≫脚本=浦畑達彦 演出=岡尾貴洋 絵コンテ=八谷賢一 作画監督=斎藤雅和

    ■4話 (7/28)



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    On the top left page in this magazine scan there are quotes of the 501st's voice actresses on their roles in the second season of the Strike Witches anime. The following translation was provided by a kind anonymous:

    Mai Kadowaki (Sanya): In the second season, I was able to fight alongside everyone in an early episode, and what's more, it was in the daylight, so that was really fun. Everyone performed their parts skillfully, so I was able to perform without any uneasiness. Today, for the first time, I accidentally called Eila "Eilya," but I won't do it again. (laugh)

    Ayuru Oohashi (Eila): They told me that Eila would be busy and talk a lot, so going into the second season, I was wondering what would happen and looking forward to it. Today ther…

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