• Anon1001

    humikane: 通常兵器でネウロイを破壊するのは不可能ではないが困難、と以前書いた。これは言い直したい  困難ではあるが不可能ではないと その方が燃える
    It's not impossible to destroy Neuroi using conventional weapons, but, it is difficult, as I've written previously. I'd like to restate it. It's difficult, but not impossible -- and that way is more exciting.

    humikane: まー艦砲射撃効かないようなのは、ネウロイさん基準でも規格外の化け物なので・・・
    Well, if a ship bombardment doesn't work, then even among Neuroi it's unusual and monstrous.

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  • Anon1001

    This scan came from Nyantype magazine, Vol. 10 (info). The following is a translation of the cast interviews section on the left side of the scan.

    Comments after the recording of the Himeroku CD.

    A second series of drama CDs has begun. We received comments from the whole cast after they finished the first recording session.

    1. Along with the anime, a second series of the drama CDs has started -- what are your feelings about your performance?
    2. What are the highlights of this drama CD? (Your recommended scenes or favorite characters, please.)
    3. If there are further drama CDs, what would you like to see, for example "I'd like to see this kind of story," or "I'd like to perform this," etc.
    4. In "Striped boing hour", do you have a grouping you'd like to see…

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