• A Fox Lost in the Garden

    Chapters from the six Otome no Maki novels will be translated sporadically when I feel like it. There will be a bias towards Eila and Sanya, and then to new material that isn't in the Anime. Feel free to leave comments or suggestions here.

    For these, I will be preserving name suffixes (san/chan/etc). In the Misfits novels, it's all 少尉 this, and 中尉 that, so the odd extra suffix is just assimilated into inflection.

    Note; the third Misfits novel is already under way, so don't worry about that.

    • Volume 2
    Chapter 2: TBA (twice as long as the Misfits chapters).
    Intermission 1: Novelisation of the opening to S1E7. All the things described can be seen in Eila's room throughout the episode (I wouldn't blame anyone for missing the statue, considering...)
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  • A Fox Lost in the Garden

    Well, I was browsing Amazon, and went on a bit of a spending binge. I bought all six of the Otome no Maki novels (partly a novelization of the anime, but with some other stories), and the novelized version of the recent movie (again, an expansion on the anime, apparently giving Eila and Sanya more scenes).

    There are a couple of other books I'd like to work on (things like; 'Beyond the Fox Whistle, and Kitsune no Hanashi), but I haven't decided for sure what to do after the third Misfits novel.

    So what would people be most interested in reading?

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  • A Fox Lost in the Garden

    The current translation rate seems to be working out, so I'll aim to release a chapter every month or so. Schedule is out of the window (in the good way). If there is going to be a long delay, I'll leave a message about it on my talk page.

    Feedback and comments are welcome.

    Volume 2

    • Chapter 3; Needs a few corrections when I have the time.
    • Chapter 4; Although I usually like to see suffixes preserved, I have decided not to do this with 'Onee sama' (which is what Ahonen has told her squadron to call her). The reason being that they're supposed to be speaking English anyway, and all the other suffixes have been translated as P/O,F/O etc. In any case I think hearing someone say 'big sis' in English is probably about as rare as 'Onee sama' is in Japa…

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