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Ursula Hartmann


10 (Light Novels)
16 (end of 1944)
17 (SW2, Operation Victory Arrow)

Date of Birth:

April 19 1928


Neue Karlsland Technisch Ministerium (Anime)
507th Joint Fighter Wing


Flight Sergeant (Light Novels)
Flying Officer (Anime)


148cm (Light Novels)
154cm (Anime)

Striker Unit model:

He112, FW190A-0, Bf109Z, He162, others


MG131, MG151/15, others



Voiced By:

Nogawa Sakura

Ursula Hartmann (ウルスラ・ハルトマン?) is a Witch of the 507th Joint Fighter Wing, originating from Karlsland.

Her familiar is the Badger. However, during the Character Design stages by Shimada Humikane, her familiar was the Dachshund (same as her twin).

She is named after Erich Hartmann's wife Ursula "Usch" Paetsch.


From Karlsland, she is the twin sister of Erica Hartmann from the anime, as the light novel series and anime take place at different times. The youngest in the squadron at 10 years of age, all she does is read and tries to learn everything according to Karlsland doctrines. She eventually uses her research into rocketry to design the Fliegerhammer prototype that Sanya will use.



Audio Media

Light Novels


  • Ursula gets an offer she can't refuse
  • Ursula is introduced to the 501st
  • Ursula & Erica in Operation Victory Arrow Vol.1
  • Operation Victory Arrow Vol.1 Promo Art

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