Trevor Maloney
Air Chief Marshal Maloney '44



Date of Birth:



Britannian RAF


Air Chief Marshal




Superior Officer to 501st JFW

Trevor Maloney (トレヴァー・マロニー ?)

Air Chief Marshall Trevor Maloney is a member of Britannian RAF high command in charge of 501st Joint Fighter Wing and its operations as well as other units. He replaced Hugo Dowding as the Britannian Air Chief Marshal and was highly against the usage of Witches for defending Dover. He especially harbors contempt towards the Joint Fighter Wings, for they were established by Dowding, his political rival.

He is also the commander of 1st Assault Unit "Warlock", specifically meant for the usage of Warlock (the weapon) and top secret research and development project behind it. To fund his project, Maloney was redirecting budgets meant for the 501st JFW to his projects. Due to this scandal being revealed by Wing Commander Wilcke, he was dismissed from the post. Preceding whereabouts are unknown.

He is the antagonist from the last few episodes of the first season. Responsible for temporarily shutting down the 501st and causing the Warlock disaster.

He is based on Trafford Leigh-Mallory, Dowding's political rival during the Battle of Britain.

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