Better known as Lawrence of Arabia

A Britannian military officer that serves as a link to the people of Egypt, primarily due to his strength of character and empathy to the plight of Local Africans and the Egyptians in particular.

It's likely (due to his attire, and clandestine style of operational activity) he serves as one of the commanding officers that are a part of Britannia's special reconnaissance force known as the Long Range Desert Group (LRDG) and as a result likely leads one of several small teams out in the wilderness of Africa.Some members of the LRDG have been known to integrate with the local African population and Lawrence appears to be among one such examples; often such examples of operations personal are known for spending extended periods in the field to help gather information for Allied Headquarters. LRDG mission duties would include, to some degree: general intelligence gathering the locals status and reports of any drastic changes in weather that may affect military operations, but primarily to gather intelligence on the enemy Neruoi in Africa. With this in mind it's likely his work falls under similar parameters.

He owns a motorcycle, likely used as transportation and to aid in fast, light recon and scouting missions.

The real-life Lawrence died in a motorcycle accident in 1935.


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