Theodora Weissenberger
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Date of Birth:

December 21


Kalrsland Air Force II./JG 5
Kalrsland Air Force JG7


Flight Lieutenant
Squadron Leader



Striker Unit Model:

Messerscharf Bf 110
Messerscharf Bf 109G-2/R6 (White #4)
Messerscharf Me 262A-1a (#111002)





Theodora Weissenberger (テオドーラ・ヴァイセンベルガー?) is a Witch attached with the Karlsland Air Force. The top-ace of the Jagdgeschwader 5 (JG5), which is in charge of the Arctic district.

Originally she employed a Bf 110, but her shot-down count rapid ally increased ever since changing to the Bf 109, having achieved a shot-down count of 200 units in July 1944.

As a Flight Lieutenant, Theodora was reassigned to the Jagdgeschwader 7 (JG7), a combat unit originally designated to employ new model Strikers. At first the leader of the Gruppe I, she became the commander of the entire fighter-wing upon her promotion to Squadron Leader.

She is based on Theodor Weissenberger.

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