Suwa Masuzu



Date of Birth:



Fuso Imperial Army 47th Independent Fighter Company


Flying Officer



Striker Unit model:

Kawataki Ki-60-shisei





Suwa Masuzu (諏訪 真寿々?) is a Witch from Fuso and attached with the Fuso Imperial Army. A gentle character that is good at taking care of others, due her great consideration to never abandon her subordinates, she receives an immense trust from many people.

The older sister of Suwa Amaki and Suwa Goshiki. Since they have no parents, she is an substitute mother-like existence to the other two. In 1942, she was deployed to Europe as part of the 2nd Formation of the European Dispatch Corps, which also served as a trial run for the test-type Ki-60.

Her name is mentioned in "Der Stern von Afrika".

Like the other Suwa sisters, she is based on a plane. In her case, it is the Kawasaki Ki-60.

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