Suwa Goshiki
Suwa Goshiki



Date of Birth:

February 1


Fuso Imperial Army Flight Evaluation Bureau-affiliated Fussa Academy


Flight Student



Striker Unit model:

Kawataki Type 5





Suwa Goshiki (諏訪 五色?) is a Witch from Fuso, attached with the Fuso Imperial Army. Her familiar makes its debut in Soukuu no Otome-tachi. Its appearance is that of a fox, but details are unknown.

The little sister of Suwa Masuzu and Suwa Amaki. However, they are not related by blood. Compared to her natural airhead sister - Amaki - Goshiki is by far more level-headed in regards to daily life.

Like her older sisters, she is based on a plane: the Ki-100, also known as the Type-5 (五式, goshiki) Fighter.

In Tenkū no Otome-tachi, starting with Chapter 7, Goshiki is transferred to the 504th Joint Fighter Wing along with Nakajima Hayate. However, Goshiki and Hayate stow away on board a vessel bound for the 501st Joint Fighter Wing in order to visit Miyafuji Yoshika first. They are briefly detained by members of the 501st while visiting Yoshika before being picked up by Takei Junko and taken to their new assignment in Romagna.



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