Stoyana Stoyanov
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Date of Birth:

March 12th


Royal Moesia Air Force
505th Joint Fighter Wing


Flying Officer



Striker Unit model:






Stoyana Stoyanov (ストヤナ・ストヤノワ?) is a Witch of the 505th Joint Fighter Wing, originating from Moesia.

Stoyana was the first of it's Air Force to kill a Neuroi and furthermore achieve the status of an ace. She is based on Stoyan Stoyanov.


Her father was killed in a battle against small scaled Kaii and Stoyana was born as an orphan. She delivered news papers while she was in the school for war orphans. When she got her scholarship she got in military academy. She received outstanding grades and became Cavalry Second Lieutenant. When she was discovered to be a witch she took aviation courses in the Royal Military Academy. She became a flying witch and was promoted to Flying Officer. She was sent to Karlsland to learn advanced fighting tactics and using all kinds of different Striker Units, after which she returned.

Right after she was appointed as a teacher in aeronautics school she started fighting against the Neuroi. She received her army's first aerial victory, but was sent away from front lines to teach new witches, because witches sent from Karlsland, Ostmark, Greece and other places took care of the base.

When Dacia fell the pressure grew in Moesia and Stoyana fought to keep the Neuroi from getting past the base to give people time to evacuate. In the end they were wounded all over and out of ammunition, and were saved by the group led by Squadron Leader Gollob which came from Altland. Wounded, she got in Altland, where she acted as Gollob's subordinate and got through "the longest evacuation war".

In addition to her skills in battle she is a capable commander. She is gentle and loved by many. She has many similar opinions with Flight Lieutenant Alelyuhin, and many talk about their troubles with her.

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