To The Sky
Eyecatch of Season 1 Episode 11 A

Japanese Title:

Sora e... (空へ…)


Strike Witches Season 1

Episode Number:



September 11, 2008

Previous Episode:

Trust and Friendship

Next Episode:

Strike Witches

The 501st JFW is disbanded after being replaced by a new anti-Neuroi unit, the Warlock. However, with only one unit, it soon becomes clear that the takeover of the base by Trevor Maloney has deeper, darker motivations, especially as Yoshika insists that she has seen the Warlock with the Neuroi. When the Warlock runs out of control, it becomes clear that the only ones in a position too stop it are the witches formally of the 501st JFW.

Historical ReferencesEdit



<< 10: "Trust and Friendship" ^^ Strike Witches Season 1 Overview ^^ 12: "Strike Witches" >>

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