Rosalie de Hemricourt de Grunne
Rosalie de Grunne


19 (End of 1944)

Date of Birth:

November 18th, 1925


Commonwealth of Britannia Air Force
506th Joint Fighter Wing A-Unit (Commander)


Squadron Leader/Major



Striker Unit model:

Ultramarine Spitfire Mk 22


Bren light machine gun Mk. 4


Bichon Frise

Voiced By:

Nozimu Iori

Rosalie de Hemricourt de Grunne (ロザリー・ド・エムリコート・ド・グリュンネ?) is a veteran Witch and honorary commander of the 506th Joint Fighter Wing's A-Unit, originating from Belgica and originally attached in the Britannian Air Force.

Her familiar is the Bichon Frise and she is voiced by Nomizu Iori.


Rosalie is born in Belgica and she is the heiress for two families of earls, one Gallian and one Belgican. She also has the right for Britannian crown, although that relation is quite distant. She fled the country with her family to Britannia when Belgica was devastated by Neuroi.

She has had a long and valiant military service since she fought in the Hispanian military campaign. She has a lot of experience and she has received regular training for a military officer.

When she was Flight Lieutenant she got injured in a battle in Britannia, while she was under medical care she got promoted as the commanding officer of 506th JFW. But since she was getting close to 20 and retirement, she thought it would be too difficult and she declined. But since people convinced her that there is no other person of such talent for the job, she was promoted to Squadron Leader and she accepted the position of honorary commanding officer.

She doesn't command the battles due to her age. So the battles are mostly commanded by Squadron Leader Wittgenstein, but because Flight Lieutenant Visconti has similar personality as Wittgenstein, their subordinates have to go through many hardships.


She is mild-mannered and gentle. She has a sweet and kind heart and a soft, lady-like manners. She gives the feeling of an antiquated "Aristrocrat Soldier" that has nothing but good will for other people. In the first impression, she look like a princess from fairy-tales, or rather the tender mother of that princess. She is also very scrupulous when it comes to tidiness.

Ace ArchetypeEdit

She is based on Rodolphe de Hemricourt de Grunne, the #1 rank Belgian flying ace who died in 1941.



Light Novel

  • Noble Witches: The 506th Joint Fighter Wing



  • Kunika and Federica coercing Rosalie into taking the above picture