Ottilie Kittel
Ottilie Kittel



Date of Birth:

February 21st


Karlsland Air Force JG 54 Training Company
503rd Joint Fighter Wing


Pilot Officer



Striker Unit model:

Fw 190 D-9 (with yellow 1)





Ottilie Kittel (オティーリエ・キッテル?) is a Witch of the 503rd Joint Fighter Wing, originating from Karlsland.

She is based on Otto Kittel.


Ever since Ottilie participated in battle, she has been Flight Lieutenant Nowotny's wingman. She even exceeded Nowotny when it comes to kills, making her an outstanding ace, even in Karlslandian standards.

Kittel is a young genius who flourished while fighting next to Nowotny. Kittel adores Nowotny as her "Destined", but her slight greed over money and food can sometimes grow stronger than those feelings. Her familiar is a Fox.

Kittel was worrying because her kill count would soon exceed Nowotnys, so she changed to a shift that Nowotny wasn't in, and stopped reporting her own kills. In reality however, Kittel's kill count indeed grew bigger than Nowotnys, but she was seemingly in a slump with no new official kills. Nowotny got worried and kept trying to help her. Eventually Kittel revealed the whole thing and Nowotny praised her greatly instead of getting angry.


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