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Ostmark (オストマルク ?) is a European country in the Strike Witches universe. Its real world counterpart is Austria-Hungary. After the first appearance of the Neuroi near the Black Sea, Ostmark acted as a buffer zone, resulting in the creation of a line of defense near the Carpathian mountains. Various countries gave slight reinforcement to Ostmark by stationing squadrons to observe the situation, but they didn't engage the enemy. It fell shortly after since the country lay directly in the line of the Neuroi invasion.

Witches from OstmarkEdit

  1. Grete Gollob (505th)
  2. Waltraud Nowotny (503rd)
  3. Alexandra Şerbănescu (503rd)
  4. Laura Toth (Isle of Wight Det.)
  5. Eugenia Horbaczewski (Britannian 43rd Fighter Squadron)


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