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Operation Victory Arrow is an animated OVA that was announced on Sunday, October 13th, 2013 at a Strike Witches live event and was released from Dec 12, 2014 to May 2, 2015. The name of the OVA is is often abbreviated as O.V.A. with the periods differentiating it from the other abbreviation. The series consist of three, thirty-minute episodes about the members of the 501st joint fighter wing. The time frame of the plot is placed between the end of Season Two and the Movie.

Episode 1 Edit

The first episode, Strike Witches: Operation Victory Arrow Vol. 1: St. Trond no Raimei (Saint Trond's Thunder), began screening in selected theaters across Japan on September 20, 2014, and was released on Blu-ray and DVD on December 12, 2014. It focuses on Erica, Minna, Heidemarie, and Trude deployment and being stationed at St. Trond Base after the 501st Joint Fighter Wings disbandment after the second Season, with Ursula, also making an appearance.

Synopsis Edit

The episode opens with Trude, Erica, Minna and Heidemarie having a mock battle, with Erica having a brief bath, much to Trude's disdain.

After the opening, there is a recap of Operation Mars. Post recap, Heidemarie is seen before Minna in the office, and it is revealed the latter is now the commanding officer of Heidemarie.

Heidemarie wanders off to HQ, and in comes Ursula bearing gifts, specifically sweets for Erica, coffee for Minna, and a traditional dirndl dress for Trude. Then she starts presenting new ordnance for them - a Krummlauf StG44 assault rifle, a remote controlled missile with a cumbersome control panel, a flight-adapted Flammenwerfer, a gaudy sonic cannon, the Mk214 autocannon, and finally we witness the return of the Me 262 Jet Striker.

Later Erica is absolutely against Trude wearing it, but Ursula assures both that the faulty HeS-011 engines were now replaced with 'Juma'004-D's. Trude is sold, but Erica is still fuming and she's sure Minna won't allow it, but she does, noting that the Jet Strikers might pay a vital role in the recapturing of Karlsland.

The tests are being conducted, and Erica is grumpy and pouty all the way. The conclusion of the tests are that the Jet was improved, but still has some calibrations at hand to be fully combat ready. Erica runs off with a sulky face, and discovers that her Striker has been replaced with a tandem Bf 109Z 'Zwilling'. After another fit, she starts testing it with her sister. Initially it is fine, but due to Erica's foolhardiness, the Striker breaks apart, and the two crash-land spectacularly albeit harmlessly.

In a spat afterwards, Erica insults Ursula, saying that she only brings useless equipment.

Later, Erica seeks out her sister, but she only finds a note, stating she went to look for tools. She returns to eat, and Trude presents her new dress. Before Trude explodes from shame after it being called weird, a combat alert is issued. Minna and Trude sortie, leaving the strikerless Erica back on standby.

The sulky crayfish angling Erica is listening to the broadcast from the combat. The two have problems with the well-armored Neuroi, as it is using an enormous cumulonimbus cloud to protect itself. After a brief discussion, Trude goes back to acquire the Me 262 and the Mk214 to aid them in combat.

The enemy splits once to follow Trude, but then it splits again into a smaller dozen. Minna is holding them back valiantly, but soon she is overwhelmed, and after Minna's shout of pain, Erica finally decides to act.

She flies into the fray, but after an initial success, the Me 262 starts failing her. Just as the enemies swarm her, Ursula comes armed with a Fliegerhammer and useful tips. It is also promptly revealed that she is wearing a He 162 Jet Striker. After calming down Erica and using some percussive maintenance, the twins go into combat, with Ursula being an impromptu pilot, and Erica taking the gunner role.

Minna is seen in trouble, as her MG42 overheats and she is out of ammo, but the dazzling blonde duo saves her just in time. The big Neuroi hides in the cloud, but Minna uses her magic like a targeting computer, and Erica manages to land a shot on it. It come out of the clouds with a 'flesh' wound, coming at the two, but the next shell splits it in half.

Later, Heidemarie returns, and is gifted a frilly maid dress. Asked whether she wants to use a Jet, Erica replies that she does not want to, since it's too much of a hassle. Ursula leaves the base and the credits roll.

In the post-credit scene, we see Michiko visiting Yoshika in her home in Yokosuka. The two discuss a photo that came in recently, portraying the Karlslanders from the main part of the episode. Michiko notes Barkhorn looks cute in the dress.

Episode 2 Edit

The second episode, Strike Witches: Operation Victory Arrow Vol. 2: Aegan Umi no Megami (Goddess of the Aegan Sea), began screening in selected theaters across Japan on January 10, 2015, and afterwards, on March 13, it was released on Blu-ray and DVD. The focus of this episode are the adventures of Francesca, Shirley, Hanna Marseille, and Raisa in the Mediterranean. One of the other witches who made an appearance in the episode was Edytha Neumann.

Episode 3 Edit

The third and final episode, Strike Witches: Operation Victory Arrow Vol. 3: Arnhem no Hashi (Arnhem Bridge), will begin screening in selected theaters across Japan on May 2, 2015. The main characters will be Lynne, Perrine, with some help from Amelie Planchard.

Gallery Edit

  • O.V.A teaser image
  • O.V.A. promo poster
  • O.V.A. promo poster w/o text HD
  • O.V.A. Volume 1 teaser collage
  • O.V.A. Volume 2 teaser collage
  • O.V.A 1 Krummlauf StG44
  • Cover Art for Operation Victory Arrow Vol. 1
  • Cover Art for Operation Victory Arrow Vol. 2
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