Translation of the short story about Nishizawa and Takei during their time in Libau. Original text can be found here

"Jooiiin the silvery wiiiings"

Flying Warrant Officer Nishizawa Yoshiko of the Fuso navy's European Libau dispatch was singing to herself out of tune.

"Yoshiko, it get's in the radio"

The one urging her to be careful was her colleague Pilot Officer Takei Junko.

"Ha, uh, you're right"

Without thinking about it Flying Warrant Officer Nishizawa just continued her song by humming. Still out of tune.

Takei: "So, did you find the target?"

Nishizawa: "Yeah, I see it"

A medium sized land Neuroi was located in the high grounds surrounding the Libau naval port. Although it didn't seem to have much fighting power, instead of the land witches climbing after it, Flying Warrant Officer Nishizawa who was flying near the area was ordered to attack.

When the hostilities began who knows how many of the important urban areas were lost, and most of the vast country of Orussia was out of their reach, so the country that spreads under the Flying Warrant Officer's eyes is a tranquil looking hilly area.

Takei: "It seems everyone is looking, so work hard"

She was talking about this vicinity's observation post, which originally located this Neuroi.

Nishizawa: "Understood~"

The Flying Warrant Officer dived straight towards the target. The spider like Neuroi was clinging on the white rocks, and approaching fast in her eyes. She matched her altitude with the Neuroi's and passed horizontally straight by it, shooting at it's legs. Two of them were destroyed instantly. The Neuroi lost it's balance and tumbled down the wall of rock, showing defenselessly the part of it's body which held the core. The Flying Warrant Officer made a small roll and accurately shot it to pieces. It had been only 30 seconds since she began her dive, unbeatable performance.

Nishizawa: "It's over~"

Takei: "Good work, the people below are also very happy. They say you seemed like a fairy"

Nishizawa: "Fairy? Wahaha, they didn't need to"

Takei: "Why not give them a bit of service?"

Nishizawa: "Yeah"

Flying Warrant Officer drew a loop in the sky where the observation post was probably still looking. She showed splendid flying by finishing the loop exactly where it started, and loud cheering rose to the skies from the ground.

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