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Moesia (モエシア ?) is a country in the Eastern Europe, it's Real-World counterpart is Bulgaria.

Moesia seems to permit women who do not posses magic the opportunity to serve in the nations military to the extent to include front-line combat roles such as in the Cavalry, besides the front line roles that witches of course fill as Mechanized Air Infantry and Mechanized Armored infantry.

While most nations in the world may allow women and girls without magic to serve in the military in some capacity for the majority it seems that often they are regulated to roles that fall short of actual front line combat positions and career paths. But Moesia seems to be one of the exceptions, though the question of whether there are other nations that may, officially or unofficially, allow for complete or at the least partial capacity and integration for women into front-line combat roles remains to be seen.

Given that Bulgaria adopted a highly flexible model for it and was historically known for permitting women to enlist (especially during times of crisis) with equal training standards and equal professional rights as men held by the law: it's highly likely that the same holds true for Moesia regarding enlistment for women in the military.

Witches from MoesiaEdit

  1. Stoyana Stoyanov (505th)

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