Kuji Kanesada (九字兼定?)

This sly little mame-shiba to the right is Yoshika's familiar, Kuji Kanesada.


Kanesada was originally a spirit of a katana used to seal a Neuroi under a shrine. One day, Kanesada broke out of the shrine and sealed a contract with Yoshika. This caused the seal of the Neuroi to weaken, and resurrect from underground.

Apparently, Kanesada can talk in a very deep and manly voice, however he pretends he cannot in front of Yoshika. He seems to be jealous with Yoshika being around others, having actually claimed "Yoshika is mine!" right in front of Hayate and Goshiki. He can't be seen by some normal girls.

He also likes sneaking into swimming pool full of girls, stealing girls underwear, and jumping into Junko's uniform. You know what they say, dogs resemble their owners...




  • Pilot OVA

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