Jane S. Thach
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Date of Birth:

April 19th


Liberion Navy
508th Joint Fighter Wing


Wing Commander



Striker Unit model:






Jane S. Thach (ジェーン・S・サッチ?) is a Witch of the 508th Joint Fighter Wing, originating from Liberion.

She is based on John Thach.


Jane worked as a test pilot, flight teacher and even staff officer. Her successive jobs as the commander of the aircraft carrier flying corps, the commander of the training company, staff officer etc. required an ability to make accurate plans and high commanding abilities. The male commanders trusted her completely. As a teacher she raised many navy witches who were sent to all over the world, like O'Hare who was sent to Suomus. She was very popular among her subordinates.

She made the initial proposal of creating 508th JFW, and she declined a promotion to Group Captain to work as the commander in it. At the time of the joint operations with the Fuso Navy, she naturally tested the warship boarded Zero striker units. She was surprised by the close combat abilities of the Zero, but it had poor control in high speeds and it performed badly in high altitudes. She proposed that the Fuso would also use F6F, because the Zero would not work together in a group with F6F.

When faced with this, the Fuso deployed the warship boarded N1K1-J in that fleet, they were remodeled versions of the mass produced N1K1-J that wasn't for warships. Squadron Leader Shindou was the one to choose the unit that would get transferred. Later when N1K2-J was made, some were made compatible with warships and sent there. Due to these versions of those units, later was created a unit solely for warships, N1K4-A. These are all different models of one unit type, Shinden.

Because of Fuso's fast response, and the Fuso side's admiration for Jane's frankness, the exchange after that was exceedingly friendly between the two sides. Because of these good terms, the navies of Liberion and Fuso collaborated in many big operations. The feedback to N1K4-A, it's production and other supply efficiency improved together.

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