Jamie E. Swett
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Date of Birth:

June 15th


Liberion Marine Corps Marine Fighting Squadron 221
508th Joint Fighter Wing


Flying Officer



Striker Unit model:






Jamie E. Swett (ジェイミー・E・スウェット?) is a Witch of the 508th Joint Fighter Wing, originating from Liberion.

She is based on James Swett.


Because she was a very young witch amongst the Marines her personality is very intense, but she is certainly skillful. By Flight Lieutenant Carl's recommendation, she was sent to the 508th JFW. Carl did that because she thought it would be good for her to be in a different difficult environment, so she might grow a bit.

Since also some Britannian units were going there, Jamie was sent to the aircraft carrier Victorious to achieve the biggest possible change of environment for her. Even though she is personality-wise completely opposite with Flying Officer Jeram, they get along surprisingly well. Because they work well together their military gains are numerous.

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