Hanna-U. Rudel
Hanna rudel



Date of Birth:

July 2


Karlsland Air Force StG2 3rd Squadron


Flight Lieutenant
Group Captain



Striker Unit model:

Ju 87-b
Fw 190 D-9


BK 37



Hanna-Ulrika Rudel (ハンナ・ウルリーケ・ルーデル ?) is a Witch from Karlsland.

Based on Hans-Ulrich Rudel.


Rudel is a Karlslander anti-ground witch. She is considered the best ground attack witch in the world.

During the outbreak of the Second Neuoi War, Rudel was part of the Ostmark International Neuroi Watch Wing and fought alongside Elizabeth F. Beurling.

Within the setting of the Strike Witches world, she is one of the best-seven witches in terms of shot down count (the other six being Wilcke, Barkhorn, Schnaufer, Rall, Marseille and Hartmann). Her Adjutant is Adelheid.


She and her Stuka Squadron were dispatched to Mikkeli Base in Suomus to aid the Suomus Independent Volunteer Squadron reclaim the fallen town of Slussen from the Neuroi in 1939. There, she discovered that using high-caliber guns instead of traditional bombs is far more effective for anti-ground missions, which became a standard tactic of anti-ground witches later in the war. Rudel and her Stuka Squadron carried a 125kg bomb in the first bombing mission on Slussen for dive bombing. However, it was not very effective. Therefore, they turned for a larger firepower. In the final assault of Slussen, they used a 37mm anti-tank gun.

"What If" 1947Edit

In Fumikane's "What If - 1947" tweets, he mentions that after the war, Rudel befriends Perrine H. Clostermann while they are both helping to rebuild a herb garden, and Rudel is made an honorary director of the school and orphanage that Perrine founded.

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