George S. Patton was the general placed in command of Liberion troops in North Africa after the rout and near destruction of the 1st Armored Division.

After getting rid of a number of incompetent commanders, Patton began enforcing ridged discipline, while working to establish a more flexible training system for the employment of land-battle witches and supporting combined arms. Though some considered him to be a cruel martinet, the gratitude of many of the land-battle witches was such that they began to call themselves 'Patton's Girls.'

Though there would initially be starined relations between Patton and his Karlsland and Britannian counterparts Rommel and Montgomery, (Tiger in the Desert 1 and 2) those differences would be resolved, allowing for the vital cooperation needed to conduct Operation Sphinx, (Witches in Africa) the first attempt to recapture the Suez Canal.

Though involved in a life-threatening accident on December 21, 1950, (Witches of the Sphinx 1) similar to the one which killed his real-world counterpart five years earlier; the Liberion Patton survived. (Witches of the Sphinx 5)

He is shown to have a liking to Charlotte Lueder and the Patton Girls, and seems to enjoy shooting at Neuroi with his revolver.



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