Geena Preddy
Geena Preddy



Date of Birth:

February 5th


Liberion Army 352nd Fighter Group, 328th Flying Corps ("Blue Legs")
506th Joint Fighter Wing (B-unit Commanding Officer)


Squadron Leader
Wing Commander (late '44)



Striker Unit model:

Curtin P-40
Republican P-47
North Liberion P-51D


AN/M2 Browning


Northern Goshawk

Geena Preddy (ジーナ・プレディ?) is a Witch of the 506th Joint Fighter Wing, originating from Liberion.

She is based on George Preddy.


She has a reputation of good shooter and commander. Geena is diligent and reliable, if she has free time she practices or coaches her subordinates. She flew P-40 and was attached to a unit that worked together with Fuso in the Red Sea, but she collided with a consort plane and was sent to Liberion to be hospitalized. Afterwards she changed to P-47 and was dispatched into Europe in the 352nd Fighter Group.

She was sent to Norfolk in southeast of Britannia. She was near the Northern Sea in the Bodney base where she protected Britannia's air space. She slowly grew her kill count. The life in that base was very much affected by the Britannian way of living, Geena's accent even changed to Britannian. Her experiences in that base were probably the reason she later was sent to 506th JFW.

When she changed to P-51 her kill count started to rapidly grow. Especially after Gallia was liberated and she was in a base in Gallian inland; she made a Liberion record of destroying six small Neuroi in succession. She only gave a humble remark about that incident "That was just some left-overs from all the ones that the 501st destroyed"

Since there were many occasions where she got into accidents during training and she had accidental gun discharge, people started calling her "Unlucky Preddy". When she was in Britannia Sergeant Kuhaveek, who was in charge of weapons, took care that the dysfunctions in strikers and weapons wouldn't happen all at once. So she eventually lost the nickname, of which she was very grateful.

But that luck didn't last long. She was injured badly again on December 25th, 1944, when Liberion AA-fire hit her Strikers when she was in a battle with Neuroi in the Belgican sky, and she fell to the snow below. She rested and healed the best she could, but returning to battle any time soon would've been difficult. Because she was a Commanding Officer candidate for a new unit, she took a special position as a Commanding Officer in 506th JFW B-unit, where she could recuperate.

Geena is neither an aggressive nor passive type of leader. She likes maintaining schedules and executing them properly, and her favorite pastime is doing crossword puzzles. Her magical ability is combination of far-seeing and enhanced kinetic vison called "Hawkeye".


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