Ernst Joachim Eugen (Erwin) Rommel
OVA2 Rommel


48 (1945)

Date of Birth:

15th November


Karlsland Army

Afrika Korps (Commander)







Erwin Rommel (エルヴィン・ロンメル?) is one of the highest tanking officers of the Karsland military, with the rank of Field Marshal. In the series, he is in command of Karlsland's Afrika Korps in Africa.

So-called "the desert fox", he is one of the best Karsland officers, known because of his unorthodox strategies and use of tanks. He is also well known for specializing in Blitzkrieg tactics against the Neuroi, which were highly effective during the defense of Karsland.

In "Operation Victory Arrow Episode 2", he commands a naval task force in order to eliminate the Neuroi hiding inside an island in the Aegean sea. At first, he intended to bombard the island to nothing, to destroy the Neuroi in the process, however he later decided to change his plans due to Charlotte Yeager's last moment plan to use a winch to drag the Neuroi out, thereby saving the island from destruction. This was because the island was home to ruins that Lucchinni wanted to protect.

Edytha Nuemann appears to be his aide and guard.

He also has a collection of Witch photographs.

Other than that, he is also one of the three commanding officers in Africa, known to be in competition with two other military legends, General Patton and Montgomery.



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