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Ernst Joachim Eugen (Erwin) Rommel
OVA2 Rommel


48 (1945)

Date of Birth:

15th November


Karlsland Army

Afrika Korps (Commander)







Erwin Rommel (エルヴィン・ロンメル?) is one of the Karsland hightest ranked officer, with the rank of Marshall. In the series, he is in charge of Karlsland's Afrika Korps in Africa.

So-called "the desert fox", he is one of the best Karsland officers, known because of his non-orthodox strategies and his use of tanks.

In "Operation Victory Arrow Episode 2", he commands a naval taskforce in order to eliminate the Neuroi over an Aegean island. On the first moment, he planned to distract the Neuroi on the island while making a full bombardment, however he later decided to follow the plan created by Charlotte Yeager, because they were ancient ruines on that island and Luccini wanted to preserve them.

He has a collection of Witch photographs.



Light Novels

  • A Midnight Dream in the Desert
  • Phoenix in the Dunes
  • 500overs in Africa


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