Dominica S. Gentile
Dominica S. Gentile


18 (end of 1944)

Date of Birth:

December 6 1926


Liberian Army
504th Joint Fighter Wing


Flight Lieutenant



Striker Unit model:

P-51B, P-51D


M1919A6, Collet M1917 revolver



Dominica S. Gentile (ドミニカ・S・ジェンタイル?) is a Witch of the 504th Joint Fighter Wing, originating from Liberion.

Based on Don Gentile. Her nickname "One Man Air Force" is a reference to Gentile's book of the same name. Her close relationship with her wingman, Jane Godfrey is a reference to the close friendship of her pilot archetype with John Godfrey.


Her grandparents were Romagnans who emigrated to Liberion.

She was brought up with love from her parents, but financially, they were hardly well-off. When she was young, she made her living taking up odd jobs and working at a junk trader's shop.

When her magic power manifested, she aimed to become a Flight Witch because "they get the best pay."

As a cadet, she was distinguished by her remarkable development; and after being posted to Britannia, she was a top ace even amongst the elite Eighth Air Force.

While she attracts attention with her seemingly-lackadaisical ways, she is in fact a spirited, passionate, hot-blooded witch capable of prompt decisions that she acts upon.

She received orders to return to Liberion and become an instructor after her term on the frontlines came to an end, but she responded by slapping a retirement notice in her superior officers' faces, choosing to remain in Britannia as a volunteer. This episode is a good illustration of her personality.

Known as the "One-man Air Force" for her flashy dual-wielding victories, this news of her considering retirement rocked the military, leading to her service term being extended.

Her exceptional endurance and kinetic vision are also put to great use in boxing, her hobby.

Her combat style is simple and straightforward: upon spotting an enemy, rush at it, strike it, knock it down. However, this is only possible because of support from Flight Lieutenant Jane, her wingman and beloved wife (恋女房) who is constantly by her side in the skies. Their wave-like assault, which has downed countless Neuroi, is referred to as "One-two Punch." It gives the impression of a powerful straight followed by a jab.

Her expressions of love toward Flight Lieutenant Jane are always direct (lit. "straight" -- boxing/baseball reference)


"One good hit'll shut 'em right up!" - Twitter, July 24 2010

"Let's get this over with quickly and head for a pub." - digital bs tuners profile



  • Strike Witches Kurenai no Majo Tachi



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