Constantina Cantacuzino
Constantia Cantacuzino


20 (1945)

Date of Birth:

November 11th


Dacia Air Force 7th Fighter Group
505th Joint Fighter Wing


Reserve Flight Lieutenant



Striker Unit model:

IAD 80 (improved)


Panzerbüchse 39 and others



Constantina Cantacuzino (コンスタンティア・カンタクジノ?) is a Witch of the 505th Joint Fighter Wing, originating from Dacia.

She is based on Constantin Cantacuzino.


Constantina was born into a prosperous duke family, from childhood she had excelled in all sorts of sporting activities. She entered an aviation school owned by one of her relatives and received flying training. She finished basic flight training in just 2 weeks. She received the advanced flying license and bought old Striker Units for private use so that she could polish her aviation acrobatics. She was so skilled that she became Dacia's champion in aviation acrobatics in 1939, just before the Neuroi invasion.

She has the ability to use any kind of Striker Units. She would get her hands on Orussian and Liberion units in the battlefield and use them without any problems right from the first flight. Her rank was Reserve Flying Officer and when the Neuroi invasion began, she was called to action. She was assigned to the 53rd Flying Corps which had Dacia's most talented witches.

Only a week after she started her assignment she got her first victory. Her kill count kept growing and she got promoted to Reserve Flight Lieutenant, and because of her family's influence, she was taken out from the frontlines. When the Neuroi offensive intensified, even the upper stratum didn't wish to keep her down when she requested to return to the frontlines. She was assigned to the 7th Fighter Group after this.

When Dacia fell, she fought to the bitter end to make sure people were able to take refuge in Bucharest. She possessed a degree of night vision, but not on a viable level, so the night missions that were lit only by a handful of barrels proved to be dangerous. It was said that she achieved quite some military accomplishments, but since there were no real witnesses and her remaining silent about her less important kills, no records were kept.

After Dacia fell she took part in battle again when she joined with the strike force led by Gollob in Altlant. At the end of "the longest evacuation war" she was recruited in to the 505th Joint Fighter Wing. When the 506th was formed it was said that the Allied headquarters wanted her in it, but the Fuso army was against it.


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