Cecilia Glinda Miles



Date of Birth:



Britannian Royal Army, 4th Armoured Brigade, C Squadron





Striker Unit model:

Matilda II


OQF 2pdr anti-tank cannon
1796 Light cavalry sabre


Tanuki (possible) (Roughly Translated)

Cecilia Glinda Miles (セシリア・グリーンダ・マイルズ?) is a Witch from Britannia.

Cecilia is based on Major C.G. Miles of C Squadron, 4th Armoured Brigade who was killed leading the initial attack on the Halfaya Pass during Operation Battle Axe, 15 June 1941.

Major Miles was leading his squadron of 13 tanks, (12 Matildas and a light tank) and all but 2 tanks (A Matilda and the light tank) were knocked out/destroyed within hours after the beginning of the battle. His final message was "They are tearing my tanks to bits!"


Cecilia is a Britannian Witch who uses a land-based striker unit and deployed in North Africa. She is the commanding officer of "C" Squadron, 4th Armoured Brigade.

Cecilia's middle name was revealed to be "Glinda" when her brother used it on a letter sent to her. This name is possibly a reference to Glinda, the Good Witch of the North in The Wizard of Oz, which was shown in the same volume in which one of her given names was revealed.

Striker UnitEdit

Cecilia's striker unit is based on the Matilda II Infantry tank and was known for greatly amplifying shield strength.

The Matilda II Infantry tank was known as the "Queen of the Desert" due to its ponderous armour and enjoyed dominance in the North African battlefield until the apperance of the Afrika Korps and the 88mm Flak.




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