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The Strike Witches are women with high magic potential. They are enlist in the militaries of the world with the purpose of fight with the Neuroi. The Witches have a familiar (some animal) and a magic ability. When they active her powers, acquire animal ears and tails.

The Witches's magic abilities are classified in three lineages: Telekinesis (magic that moves things around), Attack (it's magic that turns magic power into energy to attack with and Perception/Detection (magic that helps you see what is going on around you). Even among witches, only a handful are able to use special powers. Most witches can only use basic body enhancing and shields. Just that you can use special powers makes you part of the elite from the start.

Probably magical gift is passed from mother to daughter. It is known that there are witches, which were the first in their family. Normally, serious magical abilities manifested in adolescent girls around the age of 12 years. Young witches demonstrate particularly strong and effective magic. Over time, this gift is gradually fading. However, much depends on how actively used magic.

Called Strike Witches hiding witches who are in the military. 'Strike Witches "are talented girls aged 12-14 years, with great potential. Blossom abilities they reach 16-18 years. However, the age of Strike Witches is not long. Due to the high loads and the regular use of magic in combat natural resources magical energy relatively quickly running out. Approximately 20 years the vast majority of women are unfit for action. They either dismissed or transferred to a ground service.

Occupy a special place at night witches. This girl, capable of using magical energy to radio communications and radar. Using his gift, they play the role of night interceptors used for reconnaissance and patrol. It is known that the night witches can communicate with each other through the magic of radio, even at very large distances.

There are also a witch-testers. Their work is not fundamentally different from the original work of test pilots. They are working with aircraft designers, exploring new striker-units, new combat techniques, etc.

Witch-tankers used ground-striker units and are used in direct support of ground forces. They are especially active in North Africa, where the desert can effectively use ground service. In limited quantities to support the troops also used witch-bombers.

Finally, lost fighting ability, but not retired witches are different staff and instructor positions. Apparently, a great career they hardly destined - above Major General has none of witches was not raised. For a list of Strike Witches visit here.

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