Carla von Rosen



Date of Birth:

August 19th


506th Joint Fighter Wing (irregular)





Striker Unit model:






Carla G. E. von Rosen (カルラ・G・E・フォン・ローゼン?) is a Witch from Baltland.

She is based on Carl Gustaf von Rosen.


She got her hands on old Striker units meant for transporting and escorting, and remodelled them for transporting and bombing land targets. Since she was a witch, she wanted to go to the Britannian Air Force for a while, but she realized her own limits, and that she probably could do what she did only because she was surrounded by the superior Suomus witches. She stayed doing transport and logistical duty.

When she heard of the establishment of the 506th JFW, she naturally transported supplies there quickly and helped with the construction of the base. She got a formal invitation from Squadron Leader Wittgenstein to join their wing, but she declined because she didn't think she was skilled enough.But since she didn't mind transport duties, she kept on cooperating with them as an irregular member.

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