Carla Ruspoli
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Romagna Air Force Film Club (President)


Flight Lieutenant



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Carla Ruspoli (カーラ·ルスポリ ?) is a famous Witch from Romagna and the president of the Romagnan Air Force Film Club.

Her familiar is unknown.


Carla is a very famous Witch from Romagna. She is the president of the Romagnan Air Force Film Club and her special skill is the photography, and she got important duties as a photographer. Her Film Club is specialized in angles showing butts. In 1944, she go to Britannia to shoot some flight scenes of one movie with a Karlslander in the leading role. This shoots because the Karlslander Ministry of Propaganda heard rumors about a group of people from Fuso who were making a propaganda film in the 501st Joint Fighter Wing with Miyafuji Yoshika has the leading role.

Ace ArchetypeEdit

Her pilot archetype is unclear, but is likely Marescotti dei Principi Ruspoli, Lieut-Col. in Command of a Battle Group of the Folgore Parachute Division, KIA at the Second Battle of El Alamein at El Alamein, Egypt, October 24, 1942.


Audio Media

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