The Witch of Sasebo?
-HorribleSubs- Brave Witches - 01 -720p-.mkv snapshot 11.27 -2016.10.23 03.14.11-

Japanese Title:

Sasebo no Mahō Shōjo?



Episode Number:



October 5, 2016

Previous Episode:


Next Episode:

Take Flight, Chidori

The First episode of Brave Witches focuses on Karibuchi Hikari as she attends a witch training academy. She eagerly awaits the arrival of her sister, Takami. When Takami returns, it emerges that the Fuso navy is seeking a volunteer from the academy to go to Europe to fight, which Hikari does after a brief competition with another student.

^^ Brave Witches Overview ^^ "Take Flight, Chidori" >>


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^^ Brave Witches Overview ^^ "Take Flight, Chidori" >>

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