Bernard Law Montgomery
General Montgomery '43


?(Presumably 56 in '43)

Date of Birth:

?(According to the original Field Marshall Montgomery, November 17, 1887)


Britannia 8th Army


Lieutenant General in '43




Commander of Britannnian forces in Africa

Bernard Law Montgomery

Britannian Lieutenant General in command of the Eighth Army in Africa. He is one the the "Three Generals" of Africa (Others being Patton and Rommel). While Patton favors offensive and Rommel mobility, Montgomery is more defensive tactician. It is said that he never engages the enemy without outnumbering them 15 to 1, meaning he never actually attacked at all.

Later he was promoted up to general, and was transferred to Western Front Command. There, he launched a massive airborne assault across Rhine river into Karlsland in winter of 1944. Despite the amount of resources put into the operation, it was unsuccessful. Sometime after, he was transferred back to Mediterranean Front Command (which includes Africa) and was in charge of defense of Romagna during 1945, working with General Kesselring from Karlsland. He planned attack on Malta as well as Operation Mars.

Although he mainly appears in Africa Doujinshi, he makes a short appearance in Season 2 of the anime as well. This caused his name to be changed to "Bernhard" Montgomery in DVD booklet.




  • Phoenix in the Dunes

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