Angela Salas Larrazabal


18 (in 1945)

Date of Birth:

October 1, 1926


Hispania Air Force Expeditionary Unit 'Escuadrilla Azul/Blue Squadron' (Commander)
Elite Corps of Romagna 'The Redpants/Pantaloni Rossi'
504th Joint Fighter Wing


Flying Officer



Striker Unit Model:

Messerscharf Bf109E-4
Farotto G55S Strega (tuned G-55.)


Boys anti-tank rifle Mk1


Andalusian horse

Angela Salas Larrazabal (アンジェラ・サラス・ララサーバル, Anjera Sarasu Rarasābaru?), is a veteran Witch of the 504th Joint Fighter Wing, originating from Hispania and attached with the Hispania Air Force's 'Escuadrilla Azul' and the Elite Corps of Romagna 'Pantaloni Rossi'. She is referred to as "Angie" by her friends.

Her familiar is the Andalusian horse.


Born to a strict family of officials. A veteran whose Witch ability manifested at an early age, and has been flying since the beginning of the war in Europe. Fought in Karlsland as part of a dispatched unit, later volunteered to fight in Romagna. Now a honorary member of the Red Pants.

She aspires to become a Witch in her early ages and she wants it. Due the recruitment in Hispania don't exist due the absence of teams and squadrons, Angela learneds control her powers to fly on her own account. The Hispanian campaign been produced as same the time that Angela was training, and she was offered of Romagna's Voluteer Army. She later received officer training.

Selected to join Hispania's expeditionary force to Karlsland, the Escuadrilla Azul, an ace veteran tropes. She fought in various locations all over Europe and was later appointed commander of this unit.

It was sent to Ostmark as Hispania veteran militia, as a full-scale development of Neuroi began. Continue to fight, repeated palms steadily in this fight, has been awarded the first-class iron cross section of Karlsland slant. She and her team retired in the Romangian Alps, near of the south of Ostmark. Seeing how she has a history in the Escuadrilla Azul, she might have met Hartmann and Barkhorn, two of the best Karlslander aces, during the evacuation of Karlsland. It fights in the Mediterranean area as a Escuadrilla Azul commander after this.

Also around that time, her partnership with Wendelin Schröer of the JG27 played a great role in the crushing of Large-type Neurois after the Operation Sphinx. Despite being a Hispanian - who are known for their merriness - Angela was a partner that Wendelin had a good compatibility with. Both being "(wo)men of few words", their conversations were extremely uninteresting, kept to only a minimum necessary number of words. Only at one instance, they had an endless, heated debate about eating habits.

With the situation in Gallia worsening, the Escuadrilla Azul continued to fight in the Romagna area as they headed south, meeting up and temporarily joining forces with Romagnan troops deployed near the border. Being well-supplied, the Escuadrilla Azul performed, and lived well up to their title of elites. She was recommended to become a honorary Pantaloni Rossi member.

After Gallia was liberated by the 501st, the Escuadrilla Azul was to return to Hispania, while she applied to join the newly-formed 504JFW, remaining in Romagna. It was also at that point where she was officially recognized as part of the Pantaloni Rossi.

It is rare for foreign militaries' Witches to be enlisted in the Pantaloni Rossi. As one should expect, she was misty-eyed during her initiation ceremony. This is a secret. (If the topic of what happened at the time is brought up, she would blush and deny it.)

To show respect for Romagna, she donned the Pantaloni Rossi uniform during Operation Trajanus. In the chaos which unfolded after the mission failed, she remained on the battlefield so as to buy time for the unit to escape (note: while not explicitly mentioned in the original text, "the unit" here refers not only to the Red Pants but everyone present, as other sources show). Despite shooting down many Neuroi, she herself suffered grievous injury.

Rescued with great difficulty, she is undergoing long-term medical treatment in 1945. Although Jane and Dominica's "lovey-doveyness" amazes her, she looks upon it with a smile, seemingly not quite aware of the goodwill directed at her.


She is taciturn, with a strong sense of responsibility, probably due the origins of her family, resulting in her taking many situations upon herself. Interaction with the 504th's members have been steadily relieving her of her heavy emotional burden, though she remains weak against compliments such as 'cute' or 'pretty.' Strict and overly-serious, being "man of few words". A quiet girl with a strong sense of duty and stoic, reserved and pensive personality. Also, she is often discussing the manner of eat rice with Fusoan people.

She haves a good friendship with Flight Lieutenant Godfrey, Flight Lieutenant Gentile, and Flying Officer Schade.


Her special magic ability, yet unnamed, enables her to fill her bullets with a lot of magic, making them explosive. Since it strikes a good balance between consuming magic power and having good basic attack power, she prefers using anti-tank rifles. Due to her great firepower, she is often used as a trump card against large Neuroi, but due to the nature of her special power and her personality, she remained on the battlefield for too long during the battles, often resulting in heavy injuries, like her perfomance during the Operation Trajanus.

Ace ArchetypeEdit

Angela is based on the spanish flying ace during the Spanish Civil War and the Second World War Angel Salas Larrazabal.


"Please leave it to me from here."
"Here it comes! Hispania's elite Escuadrilla Azul won't be an easy opponent."




  • Kurenai no Majotachi



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