The Republic Federative of Amazonas (アマンナス連邦共和国)? is a country located in South Liberion, neighboring Neue Karlsland. It is analogous to Brazil..

The status of Amazonas during the war is unknown, but there is the possibility of Amazonas sending troops into Europe under the AEF (Amazonas Expeditionary Force) and AAF (Amazonas Air Force), similar to its real-world counterpart's efforts during World War II with the Allies.

A more likely role that Amazonas plays is through manufacturing and supplying the Allies with goods, something that its real-life counterpart did. This is even more likely considering the business partners around Amazonas, with Neue Karlsland neighboring nearby and Liberion above. Amazonas would be a major power in delivering many goods to the Allies, supplying rubber, sugar, cotton, and (which Minna takes note of) coffee.


Perrine H. Clostermann was born in the State of Parana, in the South of Amazonas, and returned to Gallia when she was 1 year old, but returned 1937 to study.

Its name is derived from Amazonas, the largest state of Brazil, its analogous country

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