Alya V. Alelyuhin
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Date of Birth:

March 30th


Orussia Air Force
505th Joint Fighter Wing


Flight Lieutenant



Striker Unit model:






Alya V. Alelyuhin (アーリャ・V・アレリューヒン?, Александра Васильевна Алелюхин) is a Witch of the 505th Joint Fighter Wing, originating from Orussia.

Her full name is supposedly Alexandra Vasilievna Alelyuhin (フルネームはアレクサンドラ・ヴァシーリエヴナ・アレリューヒン)


Normally she is quiet and friendly, but when the need arises she can be threatening and demonstrate enormous gravity. The humanity's armies rely heavily on people with high commanding abilities, and Alya is a person who can certainly pull her subordinates where they're needed.

Her hometown is the village of Kesova Gora, 250 kilometers north from Moscow. She was raised by her factory working father. She lived a normal school life without knowing she was a witch, but it didn't take long for her witch powers to manifest themselves, after which she entered the aviation school. After graduation she got in the Chkalov School of Military Aeronautics. Before the Neuroi invasion she became a Flying Officer and was sent to the harbor town of Odessa on the coast of Black Sea. In Odessa she served as a Deputy Commander of the fighter regiment, and when the invasion began she commanded the troops calmly.

When the Neuroi offensive became too strong the regiment was moved from Odessa to protect Rostov. She met the group with Squadron Leader Gollob which was staying in the Crimean Peninsula, but since there was quite a difference between the units there didn't form any deep relationships between them. After they withdrew from Rostov they joined the Gollob's group who had shortage of personnel in Tsaritsyn. During the battles they fought together their friendship deepened.

During the evacuation war she was promoted to Flight Lieutenant, after which she settled as Gollob's right arm in the 505th Joint Fighter Wing. While they were both skilled, the combination of ruthless and haughty Gollob, who put the troops in order with absolute firmness, and the quiet, always smiling and sociable Alelyuhin, seemed to be perfect for keeping the unrestful subordinates in order during the harsh evacuation war.

Ace ArchetypeEdit

She is based on Alexei Alelyuhin.

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